To The IRS Regarding 48 Hills

May 22nd 2017

This piece also ran as part of Heather Knight’s column in the San Francisco Chronicle on May 23rd, 2017. A point that I should correct is that 501(c)(3)s actually do pay payroll tax. However, the nonprofit entity itself does not pay federal income tax, and of course donations are tax-deductible for donors, which is the main benefit.

To the IRS and the public,

48 Hills is an independent publication run by the San Francisco Media Center (SFMC). Its editor and executive director, Tim Redmond, writes about San Francisco current events and politics. SFMC is also an IRS-approved 501(c)(3) nonprofit entity, which not only exempts SFMC from paying taxes on Tim Redmond’s salary, but also grants a tax deduction to any donor who contributes to 48 Hills. This would all be well and good if it weren’t for the fact that 48 Hills routinely engages in one of the acts expressly forbidden to a 501(c)(3): electioneering.

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Do We Have The Right To Choose Our Neighbors?

December 14th 2016

I wrote an opinion piece for the SF Chronicle. They ran it with some great edits for length, so I figured I’d put my original, longer, and worse version here for posterity’s sake.

San Francisco is one of the most progressive cities in the nation, especially when it comes to national immigration. We believe so much in the natural right of people to join us here in America that we fought to keep our status as sanctuary city even in the face of being federally defunded for it. We pride ourselves in our rejection of plans to tighten immigration controls and deport undocumented immigrants. Yet take that same kind of conversation to the local level and all bets are off. City meetings have become heated, divisive, and prone to rhetoric where we openly discuss exactly which kinds of people we want to keep out of our city.

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Starting a Business Without Quitting Your Day Job

January 8th 2016

In November of last year, I was invited to give a fairly informal talk on the topic of my choice at Dropbox. I decided to go with the mildly controversial topic of advocating Dropbox employees to consider making side businesses. They were gracious enough to furnish me with a recording of the talk, which you may also enjoy below. It’s got a few nuggets about how I think about running a small business and some mistakes you probably want to avoid making.

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Creating Google Hangouts With Apps via URL

January 13th 2015

If you’ve tried to make a Google Hangouts app, you probably already know that it sucks pretty badly. Famously terrible documentation, crazy bloated JavaScript, and mandated UX requirements. You also might know that you can craft a URL to open a new hangout without any of the bloat like so:

But what if you want to make a hangout with your app and set its app_type to ROOM_APP so that your app is loaded for everyone by default?

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Above and Beyond the Affirm Job Puzzle

March 8th 2013

The latest startup from internet luminary Max Levchin recently launched, and they have a very entertaining programming puzzle up on their jobs page.

You should read the page for some background, but in summary the problem is to find the distances between any two cells in a hexagonal grid numbered in the following manner:

The hexagonal grid

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